HaVE a Buddha-Brain BREAKTHROUGH with

Niko Ana

Are you a transformational entrepreneur on a path of personal spiritual development?

Are you on a mission to help others heal and transform their lives?

Do you live your authentic values in your business and treat it like a sacred space?

Are you a Buddha-Preneur?

Do You Help Others Heal?

Is Your Work Transformative?

As a Buddha-Preneur, you have incredible talents and gifts to share with the world.

YOU follow a path of personal spiritual development.

YOU wants YOUR business to reflect YOUR spiritual values.


YOU desire inner peace and prosperity.

YOU think of YOUR business as yoru spiritual path.

YOU extend compassion to others in YOUR daily activities.

YOU believe that YOUR success doesN’T cause others to be in lack.

YOU want everyone to prosper (without crushing competition)

YOU love YOURself as the divine.

As an educator, trainer and emotional wellenss mentor Niko Ana has helped so many clients from around the world to change their brain and change their life with her method called The Buddha Brain Breakthrough.

Imagine waking up in the morning with a feeling of anticipation of wonderful things happening and finally doing your life’s work.

Imagine knowing no matter what is happening your external environment you can feel at ease.

Imagine the feeling of self-love and fulfilment you get from focusing on your dreams!

Imagine the abundance of a prosperous business overflowing without having to sacrifice some other part of your life.

Imagine gaining the tools, knowledge and wisdom for continuing to create more peace, joy and prosperity throughout your lifetime.

Imagine the BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH of your life!



What our members are saying...

Alexander Moore

People call Niko a heart ninja, and that couldn't be more accurate!

She has a very calming energy, but also knows how to gently bring up things that may be hard to talk about.

There is no judgment, simply a wonderful attitude, willingness to listen, and passion and desire to help!

I can honestly say I am far more confident after a session with Niko to move forward with my practice, put my name out there, and succeed!

Sarah Stoiber-Kumar Owner Red Phoenix Nutrition

"My experience with Niko Ana's Buddha Brain Breakthrough Course has been remarkable to say the least.

As a Wellness Coach I am a problem solver by nature, but there were some things I could not seem to solve or move past for myself personally.

The way you "think" you should be able to get past them was just not making enough of a dent anymore for me. I knew that I needed more if I wanted to continue to grow into my own power.

It was week after week of breakthroughs in all aspects of my life... and then some from traumas to personal daily sticking points.

Other issues I wasn't even working on somehow began working themselves out. It was amazing.

Not easy by any means, these are indeed tough self revelations being unearthed. However, without this work I would not be where I am today in my personal or business life.

I am also proud to say that I am adding Niko's mentorship and the Emotional Wellenss Mentor Certification to my arsenal to be able to continue helping my clients on a much deeper root cause level.

I'm paying forward the tools Niko has taught me and to achieve life results with real meaning."

Michelle Rae Sobi Owner, Edge Yoga School

"Niko has been instrumental in helping me build my business. Over the past two years as my coach, she has helped me find alignment with my business. In doing so, my business has not only become more profitable, but I am spending my time working on things that bring me joy.

I cannot recommend Niko’s Buddha-Brain Breakthrough Course enough for your business. When we are in alignment with what we are meant to do, work becomes play."

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