I Know What You’re Going Through

I Know What You’re Going Through

I teach female entrepreneurs how to transform crisis and chaos into a peaceful and prosperous life.
And I KNOW what you are going through!

Many entrepreneurs, especially females, tend to feel guilty when we are focusing on ourselves and growing our business.
We feel panicked and anxious about growing spiritually.
We sometimes feel we are neglecting our roles as spouses, parents, friends and family. Because we are naturally so giving (which is why we are successful in business), we tend to take responsibility for others feelings and problems and want to fix everything.
While the desire to help others is a wonderful quality, the downside is we can get caught up in our loved one’s unsolvable problems and drama.
This can really pull our attention and focus from our own lives and business.
The phone rings and you immediately become tense.

Your friend complains because you’ve “changed” and don’t get her anymore. You have decided to stop complaining about being “broke” and focus on abundance. She thinks you are judging her now.
Your family member who is used to you always taking their side and validating their victim story is incensed when you suggest a way for them to feel better about themselves.
Your spouse says you seem too busy for them anymore.
There is more conflict in your relationship.
You go from being angry to hurt and feel guilty all the time.
Maybe something is wrong with you? (girlfriend, there’s NOT)
We might even be a little addicted to it. (true story) because there is some kind of pay off.

Typical payoffs (unconscious) are as follows:
– It’s safer to stay small and not shine too much
– It gives a reason to delay or procrastinate what we know we should do to grow our business
– It distracts us from our own self-growth
– We can be the victim so we don’t have to take responsibility for limitations

It’s not likely you are consciously doing this but if any of this resonates with you, it might be an unconscious pattern you are stuck in.
This usually is the result of programming that occurred before the age of 6 years old when we were developing our neural pathways in response to our environment.
We tend to be unwilling to make changes because we don’t want to upset our loved ones. We fear to create more conflict and more anxiety for ourselves.
We feel hopeless and powerless to change this pattern.
We are simply stuck. It feels awful.
The good news is we can change these patterns with self-awareness, willingness and some tools such as mindfulness, meditation, coaching and EFT/tapping.
What would it feel like to wake up in the morning knowing you are allowed to have a peaceful day and do all the things you love?
What would it feel like to get a call from that panicked family member and not get triggered?
What would it feel like to know that by cultivating peace in your life, you can truly help others to do the same?
What if you could leave the drama behind without sacrificing your relationships even if you have no idea how this could change?
There is hope to live this way because I’ve been there and done that!
Together we will work to take you from being stuck, panicked and overwhelmed to peaceful, productive and prosperous!
If you are ready to leave the world of drama and crisis behind and fulfill your potential as an empowered entrepreneur, reach out to me.


Niko Ana

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I Never Thought it Would Happen to Me

I Never Thought it Would Happen to Me

When I started on this journey of spiritual self-development, I read every book I could get my hands on. Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, David Hawkins, Bruce Lipton, Denise Duffield Thomas, Anita Moorjani, Carolyn Myss, Louise Hay, Carol Look were but a few of the authors, speakers and coaches whose content I devoured.

Though these teachers have different messages, niches and points of view; one theme I saw consistently was the notion that when you begin to shift your vibration and improve your life, there are those who may not take kindly to it.

I had read stories others wrote about this friend or that friend abandoning them after they made changes and started enjoying some success in their life.

Some stories involve getting negative feedback or criticism when you put yourself out there in the public eye or to family and friends.

No matter who it involves, the story is that this is a normal part of the process and we should embrace it and even see it as a sign of success!

This is all well and good as a theory. When it actually happened to me, it was a different story.

It all started when I took my power back, or so I thought. I never thought of myself as someone who gave my power away. After I learned the ways you can give your power away, I recognized a pattern that I had never seen before.

When I say I took my power back, let be very specific so we are all clear on what this looked like:

I started refraining from taking a position in conversations with friends and family.

I stopped agreeing with people just to make them like me.

I stopped validating others’ perception of their own victimhood.

I did not allow family members to verbally bully me anymore.

I gently and firmly insisted on being respected.

I started paying attention to my own life more than others.

I allowed myself to feel happy even when the family was feeling miserable.

I started loving myself.

And here’s the biggest one…….. (the pattern)


Now, this did not happen overnight, but apparently, it was a big enough shift that some people noticed it right away…and did not like it.

I had family members accuse me of not caring anymore.

I had friends tell me I was rude.

Someone even told me I was the devil……. (true story).

Now, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with these people. They were only reacting to what seemed to threaten their own ego and beliefs about themselves, me and the world.

They were used to me behaving in many different ways and it did not fit into their comfort zone.

Did it hurt? Yep.

Did I get angry? For a little while.

Did I let it go? I had to.

Did I apologize? Absolutely not.

You see, everything I had been learning taught me to understand their behaviour was not about me. They were projecting their own fears and limitations onto me.

We all do this as it is human nature.

The key is how we respond to these kinds of situations.

Don’t let it distract you from your path.

Surround yourself with people who do support you.

Find a mentor who you want to be more like and hang out with them and people like them as much as possible.

Resist the urge to feed that old vibration of victimhood.

“Poor me, my family hates me.”

This will not get you where you want to go. Empower yourself to go beyond your family and friends limitations. Understand that only from a position of peace and empowerment can you truly help them.

They may not want your help and you have to be okay with that.

The bravest thing you can do it refuse to agree with a story someone tells you that makes them the victim and everyone else wrong and bad.

Take it from me, you’ll feel better in the end when you’re free from that drama.

So I congratulated myself (as recommended by self-development gurus) for pissing off my friends and family and guess what?

It actually felt pretty good. I’m not mad or hurt anymore and that’s better for me.

Some of them still talk to me and some of them don’t. That was their choice and I respect it.

What matters is that I cared enough about myself to do what makes me happy.

What about you?

Niko Ana

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Have You Been Trying to Break a Habit?

Have You Been Trying to Break a Habit?

You know how there are those times when you are desperately trying to create something different in your life but that old nasty habitual behaviour keeps sabotaging your progress?

You actually know what you need to do or stop doing but you are compulsively continuing the same pattern over and over again no matter how much suffering it causes you.

Maybe you………….

know what actions you need to take in your business but procrastinate until it’s too late.

put off having that conversation to put better boundaries in place and continue to give your power away.

constantly re-visit old conflicts in your mind that create a stress response in your body now.

beat yourself up for not keeping up with your meditation, yoga or other self-care practice.

I know what it is like to feel so stuck and hopeless to change a habit that is keeping you from having what you want…


  • more money
  • fulfillment
  • a sense of empowerment
  • healthy relationships
  • well-being

Essentially, all these things above are the outcome of your ability to cultivate inner peace.

Any habit that is an obstacle to your inner peace is robbing you of the prosperity you deserve!

The reason it is so hard is that your body has created a chemistry that supports your old thinking.

The thoughts that formed the habit in the first place created the physiology your cells are used to.

When you try and introduce new thoughts that support different behaviours, your body rebels because it is addicted to the current chemistry.

The good news is you really can “break” those habits and create new chemistry if you understand how the brain and body work together.
You must be willing to look at how your current neural patterns (formed a long time ago) are wired to keep these habits in place.

You must also be willing to do a little work to create new patterns that eventually over-write the old ones.
I know it is possible because I have done this over and over to transform my own life.

Do you want to know how? Although I’ve used many tools and techniques that had a powerful effect, the one thing that is essential is too simple for some people to accept.


Don’t let the bumps in the road stop you. Get up again and don’t make a story about it.

The most successful people will tell you the same thing. They had many failures before they got to where they are now.

It takes a commitment to break habits of behaviour, thinking and patterns that don’t serve you anymore.

Go ahead and give yourself credit for starting the journey. This in of itself is a major success!

Love and Light.


Niko Ana

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Can Meditation Help Me in my Business?

Can Meditation Help Me in my Business?

How to create PEACE and PROSPERITY in your business.

People ask me how things like yoga, meditation and tapping can help them succeed in business. I used to answer them with a generic explanation about how meditation helps you feel more centred and less stressed and that helps you in your business.
I now have a deeper understanding of how practices and tools like these have a direct impact on our business success.

Dr Joe Dispenza explains in his book “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” how by the time we are 35 years old, 95% of our behaviour and feelings are run by subconscious programs.
Think about what this means……. You are only consciously creating your daily habits, responses, feeling and perceptions 5% of the time!!!!!!
No wonder when we try to create something new, it feels really hard. It can seem almost impossible to change ingrained patterns no matter how much they make us suffer.

You see, the cells of your body have been specifically conditioned to respond in specific ways in order to maintain body chemistry that continues to run the same programs over and over.
When you try to use your conscious mind to send a new signal from the brain that is counter to the current program, your cells will try and override that command.

You can almost think of it as an addiction. Your cells want to maintain the current status.
Imagine if you have been running the program of anxiety and panic for 10 – 20 years (or more), your cells are used to producing the chemistry that supports that physiological condition.

Then you try and create peaceful conditions by different methods and the stress hormones in your body drop.
The cells say, “Hey, our levels are getting a bit low here. We need another hit.” The cells send a message to the brain that travels up the spinal cord and is immediately received and interrupted.

The brain may relay the message through unsettling mental images, old stressful memories or even an upsetting “voice” in the head. All of which will try and elicit a stress response from you.

BAM, you take the bait and are right back where you were before. Feeling stressed and anxious.
SO how do you overcome this? By using your conscious mind to CONTINUE to override the body until you re-write those neural patterns and create a “new” cellular norm that supports peace and prosperity!

How does yoga, meditation and tapping help you succeed in business? By bringing your awareness out of sub-conscious and into the conscious mind.

If the behaviors and feelings that are interfering with your success are 95% subconscious, how else are you going to create change?
Do everything you can to increase your 5% conscious daily awareness to a higher number.
This is what I call positive vigilance. You can break the addiction to these unhealthy patterns an

d experience what you REALLY want.
If that doesn’t motivate you to use tools like tapping and meditation every day, I don’t know what will!


Niko Ana

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Has Marketing Ever Failed You?

Has Marketing Ever Failed You?

If you are in business for yourself, you have likely invested money and time on some kind of marketing. Whether you took a course, hired a coach or paid for ads……. you had some pretty high hopes dashed by little or no results.

Maybe you went to one of that self-development or leadership workshops that promised to teach you how to make $10k per month and then told you to run to the back of the room with your credit card or you were a loser.

As a result, you may have even developed some beliefs and fears about marketing like:

  • it just doesn’t work for me
  • I’m not smart enough to get it right
  • I don’t have the right formula yet
  • I don’t like selling because it’s sleazy
  • You have to be high pressure to make money
  • Marketing bothers people and I don’t want to put them off

If you are like me you probably had a so-called expert tell you to approach potential customers and clients in a way that made you uncomfortable.

They also told you to just “push through” that discomfort and eventually, you would get results because they were the GURU!
This approach may get some results on the surface for some people. Most will get none.

Those who this worked for had likely already done the mindset work needed to understand their target market and business niche.
Not to say there aren’t some valid marketing techniques out there and what works for one person may not work for everyone when simply packaged in a step by step formula.

Mindset is a very personal thing. We all have hidden fears and beliefs that block us and keep us stuck but they can be very different from person to person.

I had a very bad experience once when I first started coaching.

I had spent very little time on social media prior to that and I was told that I needed to learn how to sell on social media or I would FAIL without a doubt.

I spent $$$$$$$$ on this course that supposedly had a money back guarantee if I didn’t make enough money to cover the cost of the course. (look out for this pitch)

I was instructed to join various Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups so I could then pitch my services to these potential clients. What I was not told was that groups can have various rules about promoting and you had to be careful to follow the group rules.

Being as naive as I was back then I joined some groups and tried to implement what I was paying so much money to learn. I thought I could simply post my services and people would come running to coach with me.

Needless to say, I inadvertently broke some rules in a group and got properly chastised by the admin!

Even though it probably wasn’t as dramatic as all that, it felt really horrible to me and I was ashamed. I decided that sharing my services and offers was bad and wrong and people would get mad at me.

It took me at least a year before I would step foot online with my business. I had to tap on that fear quite a bit before I realized I was just in the wrong group and made a mistake.

It wasn’t the end of the world but it felt like it to me because it triggered me! I had my own SH*T that was coming up around that. Someone else might have just brushed it off and gone on.

My point dears……….. is that the SH*T that stops you from getting results and feeling stuck with marketing is your own personal kind of stuck.
Have you heard the quote from ACIM, “You’re never upset for the reason you think.”?
Here’s my version……..

You never suck at marketing for the reason you think!

It requires doing some really authentic personal work to uncover what is stopping you or why your customers and clients aren’t showing up.

You have to be willing to look at your patterns and re-program them to support a prosperous business.

You have to build a Buddha-Brain!

Does it work? Absolutely it works!!!

It has worked for me and so many others I have a coach.

Imagine what it would be like to feel fabulous about sharing your message, making offers for your products and services and prospering from it!

By the way, I never got my money back from that course. It turned out you had to actually implement their strategy for 6 months before you could decide it wasn’t for you. It only took me two weeks! (watch out for these details when getting sold on a money back guarantee)


Niko Ana

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