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Every time you try to make changes or create something new in your life you’re faced with 

  • Panic and anxiety
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Family drama
  • Fatigue and Apathy
  • Financial problems
  • Depression
  • Procrastination

And the list goes on………

These might seem like random events that just run into you but it’s actually hard wired into your experience as a human being.

I know how it feels to live with a constant undercurrent of anxiety, overwhelm and lack of clarity.

I also know what it feels like to finally be free of that………INCREDIBLE!

The funny thing is when I felt that first time relief (after doing some tapping) I almost felt that something was abnormal or missing.

I was so used to the ever present anxiety state that it felt normal.

It took me a bit to realize that what was missing was fear and worry!

That’s why I understand why we tolerate so much stress and overwhelm in our lives…..we are programmed to think it is a normal state.

Here are some signs that you are tolerating “normal” stress

  • You find yourself constantly wishing you were someone or somewhere else; wanting to be, do and have something different
  • You feel overwhelmed, underwhelmed or unmotivated
  • You keep yourself constantly busy until you are so exhausted and can’t think
  • You are hyper-focused on the things and people in your external world
  • You are unable to enjoy what is happening in the moment because you are always thinking about the future
  • You can’t get clear about what you want out of life

If you have tried to change and feel stuck and stressed out all the time, you are not alone.

There’s a reason you’re stuck. 

You can’t make any changes or create anything new when you are in a constant state of survival.

The physiological state of survival produced by prolonged stress hormones causes our brain to shut down access to everything but what we need to either fight, run or freeze.

The primal brain is designed to seek out potential threats (unknown situations) and avoid them.

Since all the things we want to change or create in our life is relatively unknown to us (meaning we don’t know how to get there from here) then our brain will perceive these feelings and desires as “unsafe” and steer us away from them. 

We will subconsciously stay in what is “known” even if it makes us unhappy.

You see our primal brain doesn’t care if we are happy, it only cares about keeping us alive.

Are you tired of living your life as a way to simply survive and get through?

But what if merely existing to stay alive is not enough anymore?

What if you dared to dream of getting real CLARITY and started THRIVING 

This is what I call Building a Buddha Brain.

You see living in stress makes it impossible for us to feel joy and peace.

You may not even be able to imagine what it would feel like to have:

  • Peace
  • Safety
  • Fulfillment
  • Joy
  • Clarity
  • Inspiration

In order to break the cycle of stress, overwhelm and survival and create an inspired vision you need a way to change your brain!

When you release your stress response and learn to rewire your brain you feel more at ease, safe, clear and emotionally well.


My own experience was a holding pattern of overwhelm. I would go down every winding road that went around what I really wanted and always end up back at the same place. 


  • Feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled.
  • Always wanting something different.
  • Trapped and panicked.
  • Frustrated and Angry.
  • Stuck and resigned.
  • Feeling like a victim.

After I healed a lifelong debilitating anxiety disorder with EFT / Tapping, Meditation and Mindfulness my life really took off!

I learned how to interrupt the stress response in my brain and body and was able to release so much stress and overwhelm that was keeping me stuck and suffering emotionally. 

I had many breakthroughs in so many areas of my life and experienced profound healing so I started a coaching practice and got certified in EFT in order to help others the same way I was helped. 

But something was still missing…….. no matter how hard I tried I could not seem to stabilize my efforts to create the fulfilling and peaceful life I wanted.

Then something happened that would change me forever…….. a very close family member passed away suddenly and at a young age.

After a time of grieiving I found myself questioning my own life and choices.

Then the life-altering realization hit me.

What if I died never fulfilling my true potential?

It was like a lightning bolt hit me and it was both painful and empowering at the same time.

Something inside me just switched on (like a light switch) and there was no going back.

I knew it was now or never and I was going to do whatever it took to step into my power and commit to living my true potential.

I knew what I needed to do was but had never had the courage to fully commit to it because of my old beliefs and programming that were running my behavior.

I had been avoiding this commitment for so long but the stakes were too high this time.

It was time to finally CHOOSE it!

My mission to help people to reach their highest human potential and be able to show up as their authentic self became clear.

And I have never looked back.


My goal and life’s work is to facilitate the transformation from suffering to joy for as many people as I can and guide others to the emotional peace I have found no matter what their past circumstances were.

But the reality of that happening did not seem possible with only offering private coaching or even group coaching only.

I had to create a way for this many people to have access to the tools so that they could have the same experience of transformation my current clients were having.

You don’t have to wait for another minute to finally make a commitment to yourself and your emotional wellness.

You can choose it now!

This is why I created the Buddha Brain Breakthrough Course

This self-paced program follows a highly effective process for creating change by re-patterning the brain.

This is the same process my private clients are getting from me and they obtain outrageous results!

Are you ready to finally release overwhelm, get un-stuck and create and inspired vision?

With this course, you not only have access to all the life changing content but also get to be a part of a community where you can grow and share with others like you.

You can have ongoing support though the private Facebook Group.

This is the power of group consciousness in action and you will find that if you tap into it as you self pace, you will get faster and better results than if you were on your own.

I want to see you living to your full potential and fulfill your role in the healing and transformation of this planet!

We can raise the consciousness level of the whole planet by doing our own inner work and then sharing with others!

So what is the investment to work with me and transform your life?

Buddha Brain

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • The 6 module course will guide you to effectively use the Buddha-Brain Breakthrough tools and techniques for your personal and spiritual development
  • Release stress, anxiety, overwhelm and negative beliefs
  • Deeply connect (or re-connect) with your gifts, talents, and passions that will lead you to fulfillment
  • Reprogram your brain to clear a path to your thriving business or career and financial peace
  • Understand how Heart Mind Coherence is essential for your success with guided meditations and exercises
  • Secret Facebook Community where you will have access to ongoing support and connect with a highly conscious community of people like you!
  • Weekly Facebook Live Q & A Bonus in 2020
  • AND MONTHLY FREE Live Group Mentoring Calls in 2020


This 6 modules self-paced coaching course contains content to release the biggest blocks people encounter.

Module Topics Include:

The Science of Personal Transformation:

This module will teach you how changing your brain will change your life. The Science of Personal Development demonstrates how EFT/Tapping and meditation are tools for creating new neurology. Exercises and content include instructions on how to use EFT/Tapping and tips for meditation.

Releasing Overwhelm:

This module will lead you through steps for accepting yourself as you are right now. You will learn how to release overwhelm and get clear on a vision of yourself and your future.  Exercises and content include tapping for overwhelm, resistance and how to make a vision board. 

Releasing The Inner Critic:

This module will lead you through a process on how to identify and release those critical voices in your head that have been causing you stress, anxiety and have been stopping you from realizing your vision. Exercises and content include identifying the critical voice and releasing it with tapping. 

Releasing Fears of Success:

This module will guide you to identify the fears you have been unconsciously living with about success and/or failure. Exercises and content will guide you to discover the hidden pay-offs for staying where you are and clearing those out so you can move forward.

Dealing with Money Blocks:

This module will allow you to uncover your hidden beliefs about money that have been blocking your success and abundance for years. Exercises and content include identifying negative beliefs and releasing them with tapping.

Creating a Vision and Taking Inspired Action:

This module will teach you the importance of taking action from a place of high vibration and centeredness. The exercises and content include creating a future self and creating a coherent state of heart and mind from which to draw inspiration.  

In addition to the above topics, you will have access to 6 group coaching sessions that follow along with the course modules. This is a powerful group of coaching content that will create even more profound results than self-paced alone. (the value of the group coaching program is $1997)

PLUS Bonuses (I love bonuses)


  • Ancient Buddhist chants performed by Niko Ana 
  • PLUS a free download of my meditation album “Bioluminescent”


The biggest bonus by far 


This entire course with all the bonuses is well worth $3000.00

I’m offering this for a one-time investment of only $97 or three payments of $39 billed monthly


What our members are saying...

Alexander Moore

People call Niko a heart ninja, and that couldn't be more accurate!

She has a very calming energy, but also knows how to gently bring up things that may be hard to talk about.

There is no judgment, simply a wonderful attitude, willingness to listen, and passion and desire to help!

I can honestly say I am far more confident after a session with Niko to move forward with my practice, put my name out there, and succeed!

Sarah Stoiber-Kumar Owner Red Phoenix Nutrition

"My experience with Niko Ana's Buddha Brain Breakthrough Course has been remarkable to say the least.

As a Wellness Coach I am a problem solver by nature, but there were some things I could not seem to solve or move past for myself personally.

The way you "think" you should be able to get past them was just not making enough of a dent anymore for me. I knew that I needed more if I wanted to continue to grow into my own power.

It was week after week of breakthroughs in all aspects of my life... and then some from traumas to personal daily sticking points.

Other issues I wasn't even working on somehow began working themselves out. It was amazing.

Not easy by any means, these are indeed tough self revelations being unearthed. However, without this work I would not be where I am today in my personal or business life.

I am also proud to say that I am adding Niko's mentorship and the Emotional Wellenss Mentor Certification to my arsenal to be able to continue helping my clients on a much deeper root cause level.

I'm paying forward the tools Niko has taught me and to achieve life results with real meaning."

Michelle Rae Sobi Owner, Edge Yoga School

"Niko has been instrumental in helping me build my business. Over the past two years as my coach, she has helped me find alignment with my business. In doing so, my business has not only become more profitable, but I am spending my time working on things that bring me joy.

I cannot recommend Niko’s Buddha-Brain Breakthrough Course enough for your business. When we are in alignment with what we are meant to do, work becomes play."

Are you ready for a Buddha Brain Breakthrough?

Who this is for:

Anyone who…

  • Is ready to up-level their current personal spiritual development.
  • Is involved in any kind of work that facilitates healing and transformation.
  • Is ready for DEEP Emotional Healing and to connect or re-connect with their dream life.
  • Is interested in developing their spiritual technology tools such as mindfulness, meditation and EFT/Tapping.
  • Is ready to leave struggle behind and let running their business, pursuing their career and living their passion be easy.
  • Wants the benefits of self paced and group transformation.
  • Is willing to do the deep work even when it gets uncomfortable
Who this is not for:
  • You only want private coaching (I have a private mentoring program just for you)
  • You believe that stress and struggle are the only ways to stay motivated and you are unwilling to try something different.
  • You don’t see yourself as someone who wants to learn new things.
  • You are looking for coaching without mindset work or “woo-woo”.
  • You are not interested in self-development and just want a quick fix.
  • You would rather poke your eye out than meditate. (It’s cool, I get it)
More reasons to enroll:

Lowest investment price point with the ongoing support of our community.

Self-paced material and recorded coaching calls give you the freedom to learn and transform at your own pace.

Bonus material added each month.


Finally, get the help you need and move forward!

Buddha Brain Breakthrough

3 Payments
$39/For 3 Months
  • 3 Easy Payments
  • 6 module self-paced course plus recorded group coaching sessions
  • Ongoing access to Private Facebook Community with support from our team
  • Bonus Weekly Facebook Live Q&A, Meditations and Tapping in 2020
  • Bonus FREE Group Mentoring Calls Monthly in 2020
Refund Policy: You may request a full refund within 48 hours of purchase. Please allow 5-7 business days to process. Please email request to

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