How to create PEACE and PROSPERITY in your business.

People ask me how things like yoga, meditation and tapping can help them succeed in business. I used to answer them with a generic explanation about how meditation helps you feel more centred and less stressed and that helps you in your business.
I now have a deeper understanding of how practices and tools like these have a direct impact on our business success.

Dr Joe Dispenza explains in his book “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” how by the time we are 35 years old, 95% of our behaviour and feelings are run by subconscious programs.
Think about what this means……. You are only consciously creating your daily habits, responses, feeling and perceptions 5% of the time!!!!!!
No wonder when we try to create something new, it feels really hard. It can seem almost impossible to change ingrained patterns no matter how much they make us suffer.

You see, the cells of your body have been specifically conditioned to respond in specific ways in order to maintain body chemistry that continues to run the same programs over and over.
When you try to use your conscious mind to send a new signal from the brain that is counter to the current program, your cells will try and override that command.

You can almost think of it as an addiction. Your cells want to maintain the current status.
Imagine if you have been running the program of anxiety and panic for 10 – 20 years (or more), your cells are used to producing the chemistry that supports that physiological condition.

Then you try and create peaceful conditions by different methods and the stress hormones in your body drop.
The cells say, “Hey, our levels are getting a bit low here. We need another hit.” The cells send a message to the brain that travels up the spinal cord and is immediately received and interrupted.

The brain may relay the message through unsettling mental images, old stressful memories or even an upsetting “voice” in the head. All of which will try and elicit a stress response from you.

BAM, you take the bait and are right back where you were before. Feeling stressed and anxious.
SO how do you overcome this? By using your conscious mind to CONTINUE to override the body until you re-write those neural patterns and create a “new” cellular norm that supports peace and prosperity!

How does yoga, meditation and tapping help you succeed in business? By bringing your awareness out of sub-conscious and into the conscious mind.

If the behaviors and feelings that are interfering with your success are 95% subconscious, how else are you going to create change?
Do everything you can to increase your 5% conscious daily awareness to a higher number.
This is what I call positive vigilance. You can break the addiction to these unhealthy patterns an

d experience what you REALLY want.
If that doesn’t motivate you to use tools like tapping and meditation every day, I don’t know what will!


Niko Ana

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