If you are in business for yourself, you have likely invested money and time on some kind of marketing. Whether you took a course, hired a coach or paid for ads……. you had some pretty high hopes dashed by little or no results.

Maybe you went to one of that self-development or leadership workshops that promised to teach you how to make $10k per month and then told you to run to the back of the room with your credit card or you were a loser.

As a result, you may have even developed some beliefs and fears about marketing like:

  • it just doesn’t work for me
  • I’m not smart enough to get it right
  • I don’t have the right formula yet
  • I don’t like selling because it’s sleazy
  • You have to be high pressure to make money
  • Marketing bothers people and I don’t want to put them off

If you are like me you probably had a so-called expert tell you to approach potential customers and clients in a way that made you uncomfortable.

They also told you to just “push through” that discomfort and eventually, you would get results because they were the GURU!
This approach may get some results on the surface for some people. Most will get none.

Those who this worked for had likely already done the mindset work needed to understand their target market and business niche.
Not to say there aren’t some valid marketing techniques out there and what works for one person may not work for everyone when simply packaged in a step by step formula.

Mindset is a very personal thing. We all have hidden fears and beliefs that block us and keep us stuck but they can be very different from person to person.

I had a very bad experience once when I first started coaching.

I had spent very little time on social media prior to that and I was told that I needed to learn how to sell on social media or I would FAIL without a doubt.

I spent $$$$$$$$ on this course that supposedly had a money back guarantee if I didn’t make enough money to cover the cost of the course. (look out for this pitch)

I was instructed to join various Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups so I could then pitch my services to these potential clients. What I was not told was that groups can have various rules about promoting and you had to be careful to follow the group rules.

Being as naive as I was back then I joined some groups and tried to implement what I was paying so much money to learn. I thought I could simply post my services and people would come running to coach with me.

Needless to say, I inadvertently broke some rules in a group and got properly chastised by the admin!

Even though it probably wasn’t as dramatic as all that, it felt really horrible to me and I was ashamed. I decided that sharing my services and offers was bad and wrong and people would get mad at me.

It took me at least a year before I would step foot online with my business. I had to tap on that fear quite a bit before I realized I was just in the wrong group and made a mistake.

It wasn’t the end of the world but it felt like it to me because it triggered me! I had my own SH*T that was coming up around that. Someone else might have just brushed it off and gone on.

My point dears……….. is that the SH*T that stops you from getting results and feeling stuck with marketing is your own personal kind of stuck.
Have you heard the quote from ACIM, “You’re never upset for the reason you think.”?
Here’s my version……..

You never suck at marketing for the reason you think!

It requires doing some really authentic personal work to uncover what is stopping you or why your customers and clients aren’t showing up.

You have to be willing to look at your patterns and re-program them to support a prosperous business.

You have to build a Buddha-Brain!

Does it work? Absolutely it works!!!

It has worked for me and so many others I have a coach.

Imagine what it would be like to feel fabulous about sharing your message, making offers for your products and services and prospering from it!

By the way, I never got my money back from that course. It turned out you had to actually implement their strategy for 6 months before you could decide it wasn’t for you. It only took me two weeks! (watch out for these details when getting sold on a money back guarantee)


Niko Ana

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