You know how there are those times when you are desperately trying to create something different in your life but that old nasty habitual behaviour keeps sabotaging your progress?

You actually know what you need to do or stop doing but you are compulsively continuing the same pattern over and over again no matter how much suffering it causes you.

Maybe you………….

know what actions you need to take in your business but procrastinate until it’s too late.

put off having that conversation to put better boundaries in place and continue to give your power away.

constantly re-visit old conflicts in your mind that create a stress response in your body now.

beat yourself up for not keeping up with your meditation, yoga or other self-care practice.

I know what it is like to feel so stuck and hopeless to change a habit that is keeping you from having what you want…


  • more money
  • fulfillment
  • a sense of empowerment
  • healthy relationships
  • well-being

Essentially, all these things above are the outcome of your ability to cultivate inner peace.

Any habit that is an obstacle to your inner peace is robbing you of the prosperity you deserve!

The reason it is so hard is that your body has created a chemistry that supports your old thinking.

The thoughts that formed the habit in the first place created the physiology your cells are used to.

When you try and introduce new thoughts that support different behaviours, your body rebels because it is addicted to the current chemistry.

The good news is you really can “break” those habits and create new chemistry if you understand how the brain and body work together.
You must be willing to look at how your current neural patterns (formed a long time ago) are wired to keep these habits in place.

You must also be willing to do a little work to create new patterns that eventually over-write the old ones.
I know it is possible because I have done this over and over to transform my own life.

Do you want to know how? Although I’ve used many tools and techniques that had a powerful effect, the one thing that is essential is too simple for some people to accept.


Don’t let the bumps in the road stop you. Get up again and don’t make a story about it.

The most successful people will tell you the same thing. They had many failures before they got to where they are now.

It takes a commitment to break habits of behaviour, thinking and patterns that don’t serve you anymore.

Go ahead and give yourself credit for starting the journey. This in of itself is a major success!

Love and Light.


Niko Ana

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