I teach female entrepreneurs how to transform crisis and chaos into a peaceful and prosperous life.
And I KNOW what you are going through!

Many entrepreneurs, especially females, tend to feel guilty when we are focusing on ourselves and growing our business.
We feel panicked and anxious about growing spiritually.
We sometimes feel we are neglecting our roles as spouses, parents, friends and family. Because we are naturally so giving (which is why we are successful in business), we tend to take responsibility for others feelings and problems and want to fix everything.
While the desire to help others is a wonderful quality, the downside is we can get caught up in our loved one’s unsolvable problems and drama.
This can really pull our attention and focus from our own lives and business.
The phone rings and you immediately become tense.

Your friend complains because you’ve “changed” and don’t get her anymore. You have decided to stop complaining about being “broke” and focus on abundance. She thinks you are judging her now.
Your family member who is used to you always taking their side and validating their victim story is incensed when you suggest a way for them to feel better about themselves.
Your spouse says you seem too busy for them anymore.
There is more conflict in your relationship.
You go from being angry to hurt and feel guilty all the time.
Maybe something is wrong with you? (girlfriend, there’s NOT)
We might even be a little addicted to it. (true story) because there is some kind of pay off.

Typical payoffs (unconscious) are as follows:
– It’s safer to stay small and not shine too much
– It gives a reason to delay or procrastinate what we know we should do to grow our business
– It distracts us from our own self-growth
– We can be the victim so we don’t have to take responsibility for limitations

It’s not likely you are consciously doing this but if any of this resonates with you, it might be an unconscious pattern you are stuck in.
This usually is the result of programming that occurred before the age of 6 years old when we were developing our neural pathways in response to our environment.
We tend to be unwilling to make changes because we don’t want to upset our loved ones. We fear to create more conflict and more anxiety for ourselves.
We feel hopeless and powerless to change this pattern.
We are simply stuck. It feels awful.
The good news is we can change these patterns with self-awareness, willingness and some tools such as mindfulness, meditation, coaching and EFT/tapping.
What would it feel like to wake up in the morning knowing you are allowed to have a peaceful day and do all the things you love?
What would it feel like to get a call from that panicked family member and not get triggered?
What would it feel like to know that by cultivating peace in your life, you can truly help others to do the same?
What if you could leave the drama behind without sacrificing your relationships even if you have no idea how this could change?
There is hope to live this way because I’ve been there and done that!
Together we will work to take you from being stuck, panicked and overwhelmed to peaceful, productive and prosperous!
If you are ready to leave the world of drama and crisis behind and fulfill your potential as an empowered entrepreneur, reach out to me.


Niko Ana

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