There was a story about a woman who fell into a deep hole and could not get out.

She stood in the hole calling out for help.
Her doctor came by and looked down at her. “Why are you in that hole?”

“I fell in and can’t get out! Can you help me?” said the woman.
The doctor pulled out his prescription pad and wrote something on it. He then dropped the note down to her.
“Here you go, follow this prescription and you should be fine.” and he walked on.

Then the woman’s priest came by.
“Can you help me get out of this hole?” she called out to the priest.
“Of course my child,” he said as he pulled out a small folded note from his robes, “Say these prayers and you will be fine.”
He dropped the prayers in the hole and went on his way.

The woman was still in the hole and starting to feel very panicked. “Won’t somebody PLEASE help me get out of this hole? I’m getting very scared I’ll be stuck in here forever!”

Just then the woman saw a friend approaching. The friend looked down, smiled and immediately jumped in the hole with her.
“Why did you do that?” the woman said with surprise, “Now we’ll both be stuck.”
“No my friend,” she said, “I jumped down here because I’ve been here before and I know the way out.”

The moral of this story is simple.

If someone offers to help you out of your hole, make sure they really know the way!

Niko Ana

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