Have you recently experienced some kind of trauma in your life that completely rocked your world and pulled the rug out from your entire life? Are you wondering how you will ever be able to fully show up in your business again when you are dealing with emotional pain?

When a crisis occurs, we entrepreneurs we not only have to deal with the stress of the crisis itself but also the stress of possible lost income from our absence.

We also may begin to notice that we seem to always have some kind of crisis or another stopping us from growing our business or starting something new. No matter whether it’s a big or small crisis/drama in our lives, we seem to attract it at every turn.

As a former crisis addict, I can relate. I can also tell you that it’s easier to be free of than you think. You see, your neurology which was formed before you were 6 years old is creating a pattern in your life. Somehow you have been reliving a crisis over and over because your subconscious mind has not processed this old trauma.

This pattern of thinking that forms a strong neural bundle over time will create body chemistry that craves drama. We don’t even know it’s happening. As the body chemistry becomes “normal” for you, your cells will do everything they can to maintain the chemistry of crisis even if it means attracting more problems.

The good news is you can change your brain, thereby changing your neurology and thought patterns over time. Once you identify the root cause or event that created the pattern, you can create new neural pathways that overwrite the old ones of crisis creation.

Imagine the peaceful and prosperous life you could have if you were free of these constant interruptions in your life.

Imagine the feeling of being at ease knowing your life flows effortlessly from your intentions.

Imagine being able to finally focus on your life’s work.

Because I have been where you are, I soooooo get it. I know how important it is to be fulfilling your life’s work. Wayne Dyer said, “Don’t die with you music still in you.” I took this very seriously, especially after my younger brother passed last year. It made me really step back and ask myself if I would have any regrets if my life were over.

When I realized that I would regret not realizing my full potential by facing my fears and committing fully to my path of entrepreneurship, I immediately made changes and got a coach! She helped me realize that my addiction to crisis went so deep and stopped me every time I was about to make a breakthrough and move forward with something in my life.

I was able to go back to that root event and clear out the emotional charge around it. I got a cognitive reframe around the vent and it changed everything for me. Suddenly I wasn’t procrastinating anymore. I was able to accomplish tasks and align with my purpose so fully that I didn’t look back anymore.

I am now living crisis-free and loving it!

What about you? Are you ready?


Niko Ana

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