I used to be a Rock Star…….

Wait a minute, I still am!!!

Yes, that’s really me 23 years ago. I experienced a brief period of marginal local “fame” in a band I played and sang in called “My Friend the Atom” (yes, very nineties).

Mostly we played small local venues with no more than 50 people or less at a time but at the height of our popularity, we were invited to play at a “battle of the bands” type of event in which the audience was at least 500 people. It was one of the truly remarkable moments in my life in which I experienced what it felt like to be a “rock star”.

When I found this picture the other day and was remembering what it felt like to be in that moment. I asked myself, what does it really mean to be a rock star?

It’s not really about the guitar or the music. It’s not about the vocals or the hair style.

It’s about sharing an energy that comes from the universe. 

When I was standing on that stage in front of all those people playing my guitar with the rest of the band, something incredible happened. 

I felt myself as though I was the music and become one with the audience. It was like my personality was gone and this energy was moving through me but it did not come from me. Then the music stopped and the audience went wild with applause as we rushed off the stage.

It was an incredible experience and I would almost describe it as mystical.

When I thought about this, I realized that I still do this when I’m coaching or teaching and training. There is this energy that moves through me and when I get out of it’s way, it does all the work. The clients are able to transform because we are all part of this field of energy where healing occurs. It is a shared experience that can only happen when all parties are willing. 

After a session, I feel so blissed out because I get to be a part of this energy. I stop focusing on the external world of time, space, tasks, my personality and so forth and become one with divine energy.

I am healed along with the client. 

This is what it feels like to be a rock star.

When you are that connected to the energy of your life’s work, this is what it feels like.

There is an energy that wants to work through you and with you. You can feel it inside tugging at you all the time.

This is your life’s work and you can experience outrageous fulfillment if you surrender and let it guide you.

So what are you waiting for? Go be a rock star!

In Oneness,

Niko Ana

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